The Secret Society Of The Social Media Fitness Expert (Part 2)

Are you following a Social Media Fitness expert? These “experts” all have compelling stories about how they were overweight most of their lives but found the secret of fitness. And, they give you glimpses into their healthy lives and add lifestyle pictures that show a life filed with joy all […]

The Secret Society Of The Social Media Fitness Expert!

Fitness: The condition of being physically fit and healthy Living a life physically fit and healthy should be your goal.  But, thanks to social media fitness has become an unattainable, filtered, photo shopped and unrealistic con job generating millions of your dollars to give you false expectations that if you […]

Top Reasons Why Your Body Is Not Responding To Your Workouts

So you have found your perfect nutrition program/diet and have made it part of your healthy lifestyle, you are getting plenty of sleep and working out regularly and while you are losing weight you are not getting the results you believe you should be getting from your workouts. Lets look […]


Diving Into The World Of Ketogenic (Part 2 of a 3 Part Series)

As a Personal Trainer who designs fitness plans and fitness training programs I am always open minded about the different diets recognizing that the plan could be a great one but not right for everyone. I do believe their are benefits to the Ketogenic lifestyle for women in menopause and […]


Diving Into The World Of Ketogenic (Part 1 of a 3 Part Series)

Ketogenic is becoming a buzzword in and out of the fitness community you hear this word in gyms, online, it just seems to be everywhere. As a personal trainer I am very cautious about any new hot diet, workout, fitness plan etc. So I set out to learn as much […]

Menopause Fitness – Staying Fit Thru Menopause

Stay Fit With Menopause Staying healthy and fit through the phases of menopause is not easy but it is possible.  As a personal trainer in Santa Clarita and a women in menopause I am using my experience and knowledge of both fitness and what I have been studying and doing […]