To Workout or not to Workout

To Workout Or Not To Workout When You Are Sick, Stressed Or Injured? That is the question

Are you as excited as I am about Fall being here?  I love this season where Halloween turns into Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving turns into Christmas. This is also the start of cold, flu and stress season. And, injuries are a year round challenge.  I am always coaching my wellness clients […]

The Secret Society Of The Social Media Fitness Expert (Part 2)

Are you following a Social Media Fitness expert? These “experts” all have compelling stories about how they were overweight most of their lives but found the secret of fitness. And, they give you glimpses into their healthy lives and add lifestyle pictures that show a life filed with joy all […]

The Secret Society Of The Social Media Fitness Expert!

Fitness: The condition of being physically fit and healthy Living a life physically fit and healthy should be your goal.  But, thanks to social media fitness has become an unattainable, filtered, photo shopped and unrealistic con job generating millions of your dollars to give you false expectations that if you […]