My Confession

It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog. As a personal trainer who builds fitness training programs, coaches people to reach their fitness goals and prides myself on practicing what I preach about fitness and wellness I have for the first time in over 20 years let myself go. Meaning I have been mindlessly eating, not working out to the level and capacity I should be and not making fitness a priority in my life. This has resulted in weighing more and being larger then I have been for over 20 years.

I have been in complete denial about how far I have let my fitness go until this past Sunday. I stood on the scale and took out my measuring tape and came to terms with the fact that I have to make some major changes. It was a challenging day for me and I was going to keep it to myself as I battled back to my health but I decided to share my current situation to bring in into the light and share my journey back to fitness.

So, yesterday I put my arsenal together. I shopped for the food I needed and committed to my full workouts and this morning started the road back to fitness.

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I am filming my journey back which you can see on my Facebook page: Ellen Greenberg Como or my YouTube channel: Ellen Como as I share 30 days of my comeback to fitness.

I am not going to be taking before and after pictures because this isn’t a vanity decision, this is a health decision. I am putting my joints at risk by carrying the extra weight and I am putting my health at risk by not putting the best possible ingredients in my body. There is also a risk of allowing my emotions to take over and stay in this place out of frustration and shame and that is another reason I made the choice to be accountable and share this journey.

I hope my comeback to fitness reaches you and it helps you get started, get back on track or you learn something along the way to inspire you to make your health and fitness a priority.

We all fall short and we all have setbacks, it is the decisions in these setbacks that set the course for our future. There will be lessons, moments of frustration, impatience, strength and joy along the way and I am excited for all of them. So, come along and join me and lets journey forward to find our healthy fit selves.

Ellen Como has been in the fitness industry in Santa Clarita for over 30 years.  With her experience working in Gyms and as a personal trainer she has developed fitness training programs and fitness plans for men and woman of all ages.    Her passion is creating overall wellness in all her clients and sharing menopause fitness with women going through all the phases of menopause. Visit her website for latest news, products, and personal training at

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