Where does motivation come from?

How many times have you have you struggled with staying motivated?

As a personal trainer who has worked in gyms and private studios with both classes and one on one session’s, motivation is always something that comes up while making your wellness a priority. So, how do you stay motivated through tasks and goals you have set for yourself?

The first thing you have to understand about motivation is it starts with your brain and something called Dopamine which boosts when we take a step towards a goal we have set for ourselves.

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I know this is going to sound simple but the best way to stay motivated is to have a precise goal and anticipate the hurdles that are going to come up along the way. Also, you are in luck if exercise is a goal you are trying to get motivated for. Exercise boosts dopamine, so when you are exercising you are boosting the very thing you need to be motivated to exercise.

Exercise also releases endorphins, which are the happy chemical found in the pituitary gland. This will keep you motivated to complete tasks and goals you have set for yourself long after you complete your workout.

You see, motivation is more scientific then emotional. By understanding this I hope it releases you from a motivation killer and that is beating up on yourself or overthinking your goals. If you take a small step towards you goal everyday and have a strong plan in place and do not allow yourself to fall into the beat up mode or false thinking of “I will never achieve my goals” and replace it with a day by day renewal of your goal, your mindset will start to change. As soon as you open your eyes every morning but before your feet hit the floor renew your goal! Then as challenges come up deal with them directly. If you get off course, do not live in your detour! Get back on goal road as soon as possible.

As I am building Fitness training programs and Fitness plans for my clients I will see them sabotaging their motivation before they get started! You have to decide how important this goal is to you then give it the value it deserves. If you know you have a workout you have committed to at 4:30 pm 4 days a week do not make a hair appointment or early dinner plans with friends. Make your workout (goal) a priority. If for some really good reason you cannot make it at the time you have committed to, reschedule to make up that workout. This stands true for all goals you made have for yourself.

The lack of motivation comes from the lack of desire to fulfill your goals when the excitement dims and the work sets in. Do not make this about convenience. To achieve your goals you will have to step out of your comfort zone and this takes perseverance and courage. So I am going to ask you? How bad do you want it? That alone should wake up the warrior in you and kick your motivation into high gear. If it doesn’t you clearly have not attached a high enough value to your goal and this is something you need to look at.

Goals are yours to create, be excited, be ready to be challenged, be ready to step out of your comfort zone, be ready to be inconvenienced be ready for your motivation to flow and be ready to be victorious!

Ellen Como has been in the fitness industry in Santa Clarita for over 30 years.  With her experience working in Gyms and as a personal trainer she has developed fitness training programs and fitness plans for men and woman of all ages.    Her passion is creating overall wellness in all her clients and sharing menopause fitness with women going through all the phases of menopause. Visit her website for latest news, products, and personal training at

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