How My Core Saved The Crown

When you think about competing in a pageant knowing you are going to be on stage in a bathing suit, it is intimidating to even the most confident woman.  So, the obvious strict fitness routine and proper nutrition becomes an absolute. The quest for the perfect abs, legs and glutes kicks into high gear.

And, all of those are helpful but for me the core training I have been doing for years is what made all the difference in my experience. You see, Its about the heels you wear, your ”walk” and your posture. So when I jumped into our local pageant I had no idea how important my core strength training would be leading up to and the weekend of the pageant.

This was my first pageant and I had no clue there was a “walk” for each event and they were all different. It was important to rehearse in the shoes you would wear the night of the pageant so I spent hours in my 6” and 7” shoes. Learning the confidence walk for your introduction, the fun and energetic walk for the bathing suit, the sultry walk for the evening gown and the prim and proper walk with perfect posture for the ball gown.

The night of the final competition everything was going really well and I felt good, I was having fun! The last and final event of the night was the ball gown and we were to stand in a large horseshoe in our gowns after our stage walk..

Ellen Beauty PageantWell there we stood while the top 10 finalists all had a speech they would give. Then the judges were going to score the ball gown add it to our other scores and then we would know the final decision. So there we stood and stood for quite a while and if you have ever wore a ball gown and petticoat you know how hot they become.

I started to feel like I was going to faint so I started to move my legs under my gown trying to maintain that perfect posture and off pops one of my shoes. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I am on one leg moving my foot around until I found my shoe, pushed it up against my standing leg and somehow slipped my foot back into my shoe without anyone knowing, keeping my proper posture intact.

2 or 3 of the girls did faint. They became very tired of standing and didn’t have the strong core to support them. Posture comes from your core not holding your shoulders back.

Well I am proud to say I won and received the crown. That weekend confirmed to me how important having a strong core is in all areas of your life and how it makes a real difference.

If you are noticing you are getting tired when you are standing for long periods of time. Or your back is getting tired completing daily tasks you should add a solid Core and Glute workout to your routine . You will start to feel stronger, your posture will be better and you will have more strength to get through anything life throws your way.

Ellen Como has been in the fitness industry in Santa Clarita for over 30 years.  With her experience working in Gyms and as a personal trainer she has developed fitness training programs and fitness plans for men and woman of all ages.    Her passion is creating overall wellness in all her clients and sharing menopause fitness with women going through all the phases of menopause.

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